About Lorraine

  Lorraine Hughes, RH (AHG) EWCH,
is a local practicing Therapeutic Herbalist
and ARCB Board Certified Reflexologist.


     Now, you say, what does a Therapeutic Herbalist do?

This is a very good question which I would like to address as most people have no idea and therefore do not approach this modality.

The term Therapeutic usually indicates a process in which change will ensue. This change is necessary in order to shift from imbalance and deficiency in order to transform into vital, resilient and thriving well being.

I am passionate in my belief that cultivating our life force (Qi) increases our vitality.

Most people look outside themselves for the cause(s) of their dis-ease and being off centered when in fact they fail to recognize that only THEY have the power to initiate wellness. They need to take ownership and become the catalyst.

How we nourish ourselves is always the root of who we are and how energetic we can be without depleting our essence. Without the proper fuel , nutrient dense foods and our herbal allies, we will not have the energy to move forward. I like to use the analogy of “Fuel” being our Yin and the ignition being our energy (Yang & Qi) to execute our forward motion and creativity.

Stress reduction techniques such as Reiki , Reflexology with Essential Oils, Aroma AcuPoint Technique, Qi Gong, Cupping and Moxibustion are also utilized where applicable.

Individual Wellness assessment utilized in Consultations are based on the Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Paradigm which offers a preventative approach to balanced health. Also integrated throughout the protocol are (Western) and Ayurvedic Herbal remedies and their philosophical applications can be best matched to each unique person.


Professional Member of The American Herbalist Guild.

East West Certified Herbalist from the Professional Herbalist Course at The East West School of Herbology directed by Michael and Lesley Tierra | www.planetherbs.com

Professional Member of The American Botanical Council

ARCB Board Certified Reflexologist

Certified Qi Gong Instructor  –  HoldenQiGong

Medical Qi Gong

Trained in USUI /Tibetan Reiki Master Level III ,  Karuna Reiki I & II

Facilitate Group Qi Gong Classes and Private Sessions,  Herbal Classes and hold workshops.

Aroma Acupoint Practitioner


It is important to share quality information on Health and Wellness to encourage and support one another in our quest for optimum health. I invite you to visit some of my favorite websites which inspire and promote well-being, health and happiness. Enjoy…

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