Living Within the Cycles of Life
– Late Summer to Mid-September – Earth

We are presently into Late Summer which is the time period through the middle of September when the Spleen and Stomach Organs of the Earth Element should be functioning at optimum level. During the early part of the transitioning of this elemental season there may be a lot of people suffering from digestive upsets.

The Earth Element represents our source of Post-Natal Energy, this energy is generated from our ability to discern, assimilate and digest food and life efficiently and from beneficial sources. Also known as Gu Qi or Grain Qi.  The Earth Element directly interacts with ALL of the other elements of; Metal, Water, Wood and Fire.  The Stomach is the Husband (Yang) with its downward energy, and it’s Wife (Yin) the Spleen has her upward energy is raising the Qi.  The Color is Gold or Yellow and the expressed negative emotions are; worry, brooding, obsession, sympathy and nostalgia.  A prolonged time period of remaining in these emotional states will literally weaken our ability to assimilate life on all levels.  Thereby resulting in nutritional deficiencies and lack of self esteem.  In other words, not being within our own core and our power. This Element is ruled by the house of thought called Yi.

The energy of the Spleen normally rises, it sends the Grain Qi to the Lungs, “Holds” the organs in their place and controls the Blood.  When Spleen energy is deficient; hemorrhaging, anemia, fatigue, easy bruising, prolapsed organs and bleeding issues may result.  When the Blood is made vital from optimal assimilation of food then the muscles, flesh and limbs have strength. This energy opens to the mouth and manifests on the lips.  Deficiency may result in a poor appetite, sweet taste in the mouth and pale, dry lips.

The Spleen likes dryness and loathes Dampness, so digestion is impaired by eating the dampening foods such as; sugars, cold drinks and juices, raw foods, processed and refined foods, cereal, dairy and the over-consumption of starches.  These foods hinder the Spleen’s ability to transform and transport Fluids.  Too much dampness may manifest as; urinary problems, vaginal discharges, abdominal distention , phlegm (mucus) and “brain fog”.

The Stomach is in charge of fermenting and churning food and must maintain an internal temperature of 100 degrees F.  Cold drinks and foods will impair the Stomach’s digestive fires and weaken its ability to process food efficiently.

Therefore,  we must learn to adjust with and to the prevailing energy of the season.

Preparation and awareness to the state of constant change will assist us when we alter the types of foods in order to thrive throughout our transitions.

At this time of year foods should be warm and nourishing.  These foods should be incorporated with warming and digestive herbs and spices such as; fresh ginger, citrus peel (dried) known as chen pi and cardamom.  Some tonic herbs are; ginseng, astragalus, lotus seed, hoelin and disocorea (Chinese Wild Yam).

Yes, I know at the time of this writing it is hot and humid, but we must start to put in these types of foods into our diets for if we continue to ingest too many cold and raw foods the likely result of weight gain will manifest in the fall, along with other issues such as seasonal allergies.

Try to reduce excessive sitting, get up from your desk at work periodically, take a 15 minute walk after eating.

There are many Qi Gong exercises that one can do to help assist you if you cannot get out and walk at lunch time or need to move your Central Qi.

The Holistic perspective for vital health and a happy life originates in the gut.

The Earth is the CENTER of our very being, just as the Earth (Mother Earth) nourishes all life that is on this planet.  Being nourished on ALL levels means that we are able to take on the world, in our own body and soul, in our own power.

The empowerment of our ability to discern and assimilate will always serve us and will enable differentiation from that which does not serve, this is our connection to self and the universe, they are inseparable.