Seasonal articles

Living Within the Cycles of Life
– Winter, the Yin Season of the Water Element

The Earth in our hemisphere is now in the Season of Winter….Yin Time

In accordance with The Five Element Theory in Chinese Medicine:

Element of Water…Color…Dark Blue – Black … Emotion …Fear

Organ System: Kidneys – Kidney/Adrenals and Urinary Bladder


As the Yang has been consumed by Yin, all of the plants and trees now lay dormant in our eyes, they have returned to the Mother (The Earth) for rest and rejuvenation in order to build the enormous amount of energy into the roots from which they will be creatively expressed as new life (re-birth) in the Spring.  Human kind also should follow this same cycle, but “modern” man does not as we have “evolved” into this Yang – external creature that does not allow us time for rest and rejuvenation.
We are all part of this detachment from the cycles of nature, since we all (or the majority of us) live and work within the same framework of society.

However, this evolution has left many of us in a physical, emotional and spiritual deficit.

Some of the ways that we can re-align our internal rhythm with nature is to observe, SLOW down and follow the patterns being instructed to us if we only stop to listen.

We must nourish ourselves on all 3 levels:


First, on a Physical level; by eating foods which come straight from Source, whole nourishing Full Sweet foods such as: Grass-fed animal proteins, certified organic free-range hens and eggs, whole grain brown rice, green vegetables (especially long leafy greens), root vegetables and Omega 3 oils (Fish Oils).

During the Winter all foods should be cooked. However, some raw foods may be indicated depending on the individual’s constitution or current imbalance. Yes, this is the time for heartwarming soups!

Make certain that you move everyday, moderate physical activity is an important component to vital health.  Our Qi must flow smoothly in order to be without illness.


Second, on an Emotional level ; by acknowledging the special being that you are and realizing that loving yourself is the first and most important step for optimal wellness. Your stability within yourself will pay forward to all beings that interact with you.


Third, on a Spiritual level; when you connect with Spirit/Universe you are connecting with your own Psyche. Take the time to Meditate. Take the time to slow down!  This can be done in so many ways:


Walk in Nature (but bundle up!)

Being with family and those you love.

Start your own practice or take classes. This can be expressed in a

Guided Meditation Group, Yoga (there are various types of practices),

Qi Gong, Tai Chi or simply by being with friends who share your vision or

are of kindred spirit.