Wellness Consultations

Lorraine taking Julie's pulsesEvery person’s body represents a microcosm of the macrocosm, meaning that our bodies mirror that of nature and vice versa, we are all a part of the whole. Unfortunately, many people have disconnected themselves from the earth. This alienation also disrupts with their ability to connect with themselves.

Most people look outside themselves for the cause(s) of their disease and off centeredness when in fact they fail to recognize that only they have the power to initiate wellness,
…they need to look inside.

What I Can Offer:

  • Assessment Techniques based on the Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Paradigm which offers a preventative approach to balanced health.

  • Dietary, lifestyle and herbal recommendation “plans” driven by each individual’s need to shift imbalance.

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All suggestions regarding diet, nutritional supplementation and herb/compounds or preparations, remedies, flower essences purchased here or elsewhere are based upon the observations of Western (Herbal), Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine and are not intended to replace standard medical treatment or advice from licensed health care professionals.