Classes & Events

 ~ Spring – Summer 2017~

Holistic Class Offerings
at Dutchess Community College South

Please register directly with the school:
Call: 845-431-8910


 Qi Gong for Women  LES452

     Explore the health benefits of Qi Gong in relation to Women’s personal health issues and vitality. Mindful movement, breath and intention through Qi Gong helps us to connect to our divine feminine self. If you have a yoga mat please bring it to class. Materials fee included in the cost of class. (4 Hours) 6126 90 6 pm to 8 pm Monday and Wednesday 6/12 ^ 6/14/17 Dutchess South  $49


 Protecting the Righteous Qi: Holistic Prevention and Support of Chronic Illness LES458

This class will focus on protecting the immune system, otherwise known as the Righteous Qi. Nutritional, lifestyle and complementary therapies will be discussed. Chronic illness is the most prolific of diseases in our society and the most difficult to resolve. Therefore, maintaining quality of life is the task at hand. Materials fee included in cost of class.
(4 Hours) 5674 90 9:00 am-1:00 pm (S) 6/17 Dutchess South   $49


Mount Saint Mary College – Desmond Campus

6 Albany Post Road, Newburgh, NY  12550
(845) 565-2076
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 Qi Gong for Beginners & Experienced

Qi Gong literally means ‘energy cultivation.’ In the practice of Qi Gong, we cultivate how we use our own innate energy, our Qi, Prana, or Life Force, which in turn will enhance our health on all levels. The exercises are highly intentional, and through intention and breath we are able to manipulate the various subtle energies of the body, mind, and spirit. Anyone at any age can practice Qi Gong regardless of their limitations whether mental or physical. This class is open to new and/or experienced practitioners. Tao Yin exercises will also be introduced along with each class ending with a guided meditation.
Saturday, July 15th, 2017   From  9 am-Noon  $25
Lorraine Hughes is a Certified Qi Gong Instructor – HoldenQiGong


Tao Yin & Meditation

Cultivate your internal energy (Chi / Qi) with Tao Yin stretching and guiding exercises. This ancient form of therapeutic and life-nourishing movement with breath, helps to open connective tissue, thereby allowing the body, mind, and spirit to release and relax. This class is open to all fitness levels. Students should bring their own yoga mat to class (if they have one), also a blanket and or pillow bolster is highly recommended.

Saturday, August 12th, 2017 From 9 am-Noon L. Hughes $25